What are Documentary Movies

Unlike with soap operas, comedies and general television sit in programs, documentary movies come packed with educative information. Researchers the world over have realized that people who watch lots of documentaries are versed with current affairs. Documentaries range from governments, environments, animals, drugs, humanity among several other topics. Information on each topic handled is given in detail, in an easy to understand manner and very educative in the long run. Unlike with reality TV where the viewer is thrilled and once the program ends the same thrill disappears, with documentaries, the information garnered is registered in the mind.

Documentary movies come with other entertainment and learning. Whatever is viewed is real and factual unlike with soap operas where the story line is the fiction of somebody else’s imagination and cannot be applied in real life. Documentaries are real, factual, not stage managed or scripted, informative and educative. There is no need for PG ratings with documentaries. Parents can stand assured that their children are watching content that is non corrupted and in the end educative which could prove beneficial to their education.

Some of the documentary movies can be accessed for free online. Most people that watch documentaries do it online or merely download them to view them later from the comfort of their homes with their loved ones. Other sites offer documentaries for a fee in exchange for unlimited stream. This is however, not a very popular option because most of them can be accessed and downloaded for free.

Majority of documentary film makers, engage in documentary movies production as a craft or hobby. They are more interested in passing a message along rather than selling millions and millions of DVDs, which is what commercial movie makers’ target. Take the example of a documentary feature on the wildebeest migration in Africa. This happens only once a year. The film maker needs to observe, follow the wild animals around and even make not of specific behaviour, routes they follow and challenges they face in the process. This is what makes documentaries even more exciting.

It is something that cannot be accomplished in a day, a week of even a month. It involves being in the wild with the wild for months. These documentary film makers enjoy value and seek knowledge of whatever venture they undertake. It is not a get rich mission but it is something they love to do. The weather conditions and environment is dangerous and harsh. Requiring one to be committed, humble and very authentic. A novice in documentary movies will not produce as professional a feature as those who have experience in the trade.

Being alert is a must. This is because documentaries are produced in a non predictable and fast environment. It is not like in a movie where a bad scene can be redone. In this case if a scene is gone it is gone forever. There are no rehearsals and a film maker needs to be keen and alert not to miss out on any detail however minute. Many documentary movies have so much detail to the extent that a new viewer will be tempted to view them again and eventually get addicted.

The film crew travels to various remote locations while shooting for a documentary  movie and it is always a wise decision to obtain visitor guard insurance for traveling crew members; also look up movie staff site for hiring film crews. There are several film festivals that support and promote documentary films, such as the Sundance film festival and the American Documentary Film Festival .